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Who Was the Best Premier League Manager of 2014/15?

Who Was the Best Premier League Manager of 2014/15?

Last season contained a number of surprising results and some not so surprising results; however, the question is which manager did the best job.

The obvious choice is Jose Mourinho. He examined his team after last season, made some excellent transfer choices last summer and then went on to win the title in style and many are predicting that his team could now dominate the League for years to come.
However, it is arguable that Ronald Koeman was the best manager of the season. Many assumed last summer that Southampton would be facing relegation. Instead Koeman, in his first season, put together an excellent defence and a good attack which kept Southampton close to European qualification for most of the season.

Nigel Pearson got off to a bad start last season, but then after reportedly being fired and reinstated he turned the side around and managed a run of 6 wins, a draw and 1 defeat to keep his side from relegation.

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