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Examining Next Year’s Champions and Europa League

With the Premier League season finished it’s time to look at who will be making it into the Champions and Europa League next season.

The season is over and now it is possible to examine the teams that have made it into the Champions League and the Europa League next year.

Chelsea has automatically qualified for next year’s Champions League group stage thanks to their league victory. Joining them will be Manchester City and Arsenal who make up the remainder of the Premier League’s top three.

Fourth in the table are Manchester United and they are still in with a chance, but they will first have to progress through the play-off rounds.

As for the Europa League, Tottenham Hotspur will enter straight into the group stage and Liverpool will enter in the third-qualifying round. Southampton may also make it into the Europa League if Arsenal beat Aston Villa in the FA Cup final, this would also lift Liverpool into the group stage of the tournament.

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