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The Use of Pace By Attacking Football Players

The Use of Pace By Attacking Football Players

One of the most highly valued qualities in a football player is pace. It can be a hugely useful tool, especially for attackers, but it needs to be combined with other skills in order to realise its full potential.

For example, while Romelu Lukaku is very fast, he is also very intelligent with his movement and he combines the two to great effect. He varies his position and will often drop into a deep position to drag defenders up the pitch before moving in behind.

Saido Berahine is also very good at using his speed to great effect. However, he is about more than speed, his pass completion rate is an impressive 83%. Furthermore, his ability to play from either flank or behind a main striker in a supporting role show’s that he is both intelligent and capable of creating chances for his teammates.

Danny Welbeck is also exceptionally fast but he also has excellent all-round qualities. However, he probably depends on his speed more than others when playing up front. However, all three have the potential to combine their impressive speed with other qualities and as they grow as players this could make them into extremely threatening forces.

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