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The Battle To Avoid Premier League Relegation

The Battle To Avoid Premier League Relegation

The Premier League season is in its final stages and while there has been a lot of focus on the battle for the top few spots, there is an equally intense battle taking place at the other end of the table as teams try to avoid relegation.

West Bromwich Albion’s match against Leicester City could have profound repercussions in this battle. Leicester City is currently stuck at the bottle of the table but recently won a moral boosting game at home to West Ham. It remains to be seen if that marked the beginning of a turnaround but the club is sure to do all it can to avoid returning to a lower league.

Similarly, later this month Burnley will play Leicester City and both these clubs are widely assumed to be returning to the Championship at the start of next year. With just a few points between the two teams and both in very real danger of being relegated this could turn into an epic battle.

In early May Burnley will be taking on Hull City and if Burnley manages to keep momentum going its way over the coming weeks it is sure to be a huge match. At present Hull is just two points above Burnley and the match could be an opportunity for either of the teams to secure a place outside of the bottom three.

In mid-May QPR will be battling for survival when they take on Newcastle at home. QPR is part of closely bunched group at the bottom and a win in the final stages of the season could be enough to keep them in the Premier League for another season.

Whatever happens over the next couple of months, fans can be sure of a real fight as the struggling teams attempt to stay in the top flight for another year.

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