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Was Charlie Adam’s the Best Long Range Goal of All Time?

Was Charlie Adam’s the Best Long Range Goal of All Time?

Charlie Adam made headlines this weekend when he scored a stunning goal from 64 yards in the Chelsea vs Stoke City match. But this is not the first time a long range goal has made headlines.

Back in 1996 David Beckham became an overnight sensation when he scored from the half way line over the goal keeper in Manchester United’s match against Wimbledon. Similarly Xabi Alonso scored an amazing 60 yard goal playing for Liverpool against Newcastle United back in 2006.

As Adam demonstrated it’s not just the big teams that produce these fantastic goals. Also in 2006 Joey Gudjonsson scored for Leicester City from the half way line when playing against Hull City. Maynor Figeuroa also scored a stunner against Stoke City when he played for Wigan Athletic.

Regardless of whether Charlie Adam’s effort last weekend was the greatest long range goal of all time, the bookies have already tipped it as the BBC Match of the Day goal of the season with odds of 1/3.

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