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Famously Overrated Football Managers

Famously Overrated Football Managers

Football managers are often in the spotlight and their various virtues and failing often inspire impassioned debate amongst fans. While some managers are widely recognised as being extremely talented, some believe that there are just as many overrated managers.

For instance Harry Redknapp has an excellent reputation and was almost appointed as England manager. However, he has only won a single trophy, with Portsmouth, and the team was so expensive that it nearly bankrupted the club.

Kenny Dalglish is well known for pulling off the double at Liverpool after inheriting an amazing team. On the other hand, he was extremely poor at both Newcastle and Celtic and his return to Liverpool saw the Luis Suarez affair and a general lack of achievement.

Often rated as a brilliant manager, and perhaps he once was, Arsene Wenger has not managed any real success with Arsenal for quite some time. The team has not won a trophy for a number of seasons yet somehow he has managed to keep his job.

Another manager who started well but in recent times has failed to produce the goods in Luiz Felipe Scolari. He did win the World Cup (albeit with a team containing Ronaldo, Rivaldo and Ronaldinho), but since then not much good has come of his career and his spell at Chelsea is best forgotten.

Perhaps the most overrated manager of all time is the giant of English football, Sir Alex Ferguson. He was at Manchester United for twenty-five years but during his time won just two Champions Leagues. When looking at the statistics this means that he succeeded just 8% of the time.

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