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The Most Neglected Premier League Players

The Most Neglected Premier League Players

Every football team has its star player or players, the ones that regularly make the headlines and all fans of the sport are aware of. But similarly there are players on each team that don’t receive the attention that they deserve.

For instance Olivier Giroud at Arsenal has scored 49 goals in just 91 starts yet he regularly comes under attack from fans on Twitter, in particular Arsenal’s biggest celebrity fan Piers Morgan. Giroud has a goal scoring record comparable to that of Didier Drogba at the same stage of his Premier League Career so surely he deserves a little more respect.

Chelsea are dominating this season and are regularly in the news, nonetheless perhaps the Brazilian Willian deserves a bit more respect. He works tirelessly in midfield and his unselfish defensive cover work and high energy game are essential to Chelsea’s success. Nonetheless, he is unlikely to every score enough goals to make the headlines.

In a similar position to Willian at Chelsea is James Milner at Manchester City. Milner is hugely overshadowed by the more famous names on the team and he has a bit of a reputation for being dull. Nonetheless, he works extremely hard for the team in an entirely unselfish manner and serious City fans would be devastated to see him go.

Manchester United is another star studded team which regularly makes headlines. But how often do we see Paddy McNair in the news. Louis van Gaal has said that he could be the team’s first choice right back for the next decade, a huge compliment considering the financial resources available to the team. McNair has just been given a contract until 2017 and it seems that he is fast becoming one of van Gaal’s favourites.

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