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Hodgson on the Fence When It Comes to Kane and Lithuania

White Hart Lane was the venue of the most recent Hotspurs victory over Arsenal. When the final whistle sounded Tottenham charged the game’s two-goal finisher, Harry Kane, in what has been hailed as a coming of age tale for the forward affectionately nicknamed “Citizen Kane”.

Sporting jersey 18 with head held high, Kane has tallied 11 goals in his last 14 appearances and shows no sign of curtailing his tenacity. Kane has proven his persistence has paid off, adding his 5-minute-from-time game winning strike to the Hotspurs tally of six victories in their last 10 matches overall, with the Premier League standing of four victories in the last five games.

Kane has elevated his play since first appearing in match play with the senior Hotspurs, but it was seen as inevitable from many who have followed the young footballer’s career. His career began in the U17 division, later graduating to U17, U19, and U20 under the same aspirations to achieve a spot on the Tottenham roster. Now it seems Kane is ready for the real thing and is already gathering wide support to be picked up in Hodgson’s qualifier match against Lithuania late this March. However, the outpouring of support is not enough to sway Hodgson’s decision either way just yet.

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