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Record-Breaking Events in The World of Sports 2014

All over the world sports fans have borne witness to this year’s biggest exploits and upsets and we’ve compiled some of the best right here.


This year was a big one for Kobe Bryant as he overtook Michael Jordan for most career points, putting him in 3rd overall in the history of the NBA. He sits behind Karl Malone and Kareem Abdul-Jabar, who hold 36,928 and 38,387 respectively.


In contrasting achievements, Kobe also broke the NBA record for most career field goals missed. The achievement took place against Memphis in early November of 2014 and netted Bryant 13,421 overall in career missed FG’s.

FIFA Club World Cup

Real Madrid broke the Spanish football record for the most consecutive wins when they trounced Argentina squad San Lorenzo.  The tally in total reached 18 wins just a few shy of Brazilian team Coritiba’s record of 24 straight wins achieved in 2011.


EUFA Champions League

Messi broke the all-time career scoring record this year in for the Champions League with an astounding 75 goals, pressing passed the record hopeful Cristiano Ronaldo, who holds 70. The achievement came as the result of a hat-trick against Apoel Nicosia.


Barclays Premier League

This next record is held in pending status on account of no final decision, but the football world is abuzz with the news that Gareth Bale will soon ink the largest single transfer deal with Manchester United, worth an incredible £90m.

La Liga

Cristiano Ronaldo had certified another record in the realm of football with a solid showing in the match against Celta Vigo on December 7th, where Ronaldo broke the record for most hat tricks at 23. The final goal of the achievement was his 200th career goal, a feat achieved in only 178 gmaes, done faster than any player before him.


Ligue 1

In May of this year, Paris Saint Germain made history when they became the highest scoring team during a single season in Ligue 1 history. The team topped Lyon’s previous record, achieved in 2006, in a 3-1 win against Lille in May.

Tennis (WTA)

Female professional tennis star Sabine Lisicki broke a world record in August of 2014 when she struck the world’s fastest serve ever for a woman, clocking in at 131mph (210.8 km/h).


Tennis (ATP)

Professional men’s tennis broke a record of another kind in march when Bernard Tomic and Jarkko Nieminen met on the court in what would be the world’s fastest round of professional tennis. Tomic fell under Nieminen’s racket and was eliminated in a lightning fast 28minutes 20sec.


The NFL had a solid season in 2014 with many records broken and noteworthy events, among them being:

Peyton Manning’s 509th touchdown, which in itself may not seem especially noteworthy, but when you realize the timeframe in which it was completed, the announcement is quite surprising. Manning’s achievement was completed in 58 games fewer than Brett Favre, the previous record holder, and now Manning holds more touchdowns than any other quarterback, currently playing or retired.


Demarco Murray shattered a 56-year-old record held by Jim Brown for the most consecutive 100-yard games, a record that previously stood at 6 consecutive games. To celebrate he thanked the men that made it all possible, purchasing $1,300 iMacs for his entire offensive line.

In 2014 Russell Wilson became the first QB to throw for over 300 yards, rush for over 100. The feat was almost achieved by several quarterbacks in the past, including Michael Vick, Randall Cunningham and Cam Newton. However, it would be the Seattle quarterback who would successfully reach the milestone.


In ice hockey news, the Florida Panthers beat the Washington Capitals in record-breaking shootout that lasted 20 rounds, a record that was previously held at 15. Players on both sides we astonished at the length of the shootout, stating it was something special, a 1 in a million event.


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