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Christmas Barclays EPL Matches From Boxing Day to New Year’s Day

This holiday season the Barclays Premier League will see a series of matches taking place on December 26th and 28th and January 1st.

To start things off, the leagues leaders, Chelsea, will have their work cut out for themselves when hosting West Ham on Boxing Day. Following the festive match they’ll be moving south to face Southampton on the 28th. They’ll start the year with a match against the Hotspurs on January 1st.

West Brom will start the series of games at home versus Man City bfore venturing to Stoke for a match against the league’s 13th ranked team. New Year’s Day will see Brom meet West Ham, current number 4 in the EPL.

Boxing day will be a decent challenge to overcome for Burnley when they meet Liverpool at home, but a trip to Man City will be the real test. Newcastle will be no pushover either for this bottom three team come New Year’s Day.

It’s been a good season thus far for West Ham and their Christmas matchups are going to serve as indication of where they’ll find themselves in Spring. A boxing day match against Chelsea will start things off against the league’s number three team, followed by two home events against Arsenal on the 28th and West Brom on the 1st.

Southampton will enter the Christmas season with a win over Everton as they approach Crystal Palace on the 26th. Chelsea will prove a formidable opponent for a home game on the 28th before Southampton faces Arsenal on the 1st.

With only one loss in their last six EPL matches, the Tottenham Hotspurs are feeling good no doubt. They’ll have an expectedly easy time against Leicester on the 26th, but face two heavy hitters with home games against Man Utd on the 28th and Chelsea on New Year’s Day.

Arsenal Will have their only home match against QPR at the Emirates Stadium before heading out on the road to face West Ham on the 28th and Southampton on January 1st.

Manchester United are sitting in 3rd overall going into the Christmas season. Their first match will be at home against Newcastle followed by two away forays versus Tottenham and Stoke. They face no one higher than the 7th position in the league, painting a relatively easy outcome over the next three matches.

Facing a league average higher than their own, Stoke City will start things off at Goodison Park against Everton. Things will continue with a home against West Brom on the 15th and Man Utd on the 1st.

The Queens Park Rangers will have a tough start against Arsenal in an away match before they play host for club Crystal Palace at Loftus Road before meeting with Swansea on the first of the new year.

Newcastle United will engage their week-long efforts to topple the likes of Man Utd, Everton, and Burnley on the 26th in an away against the Red Devils, before returning home to finish up the final two at St James Park.

Two matches look to be secured already for Sunderland going into the triple match week between Christmas and New Year’s Day. They’ll face Hull at home before travelling away to Aston Villa and Manchester City.

Crystal Palace is hard pressed to produce a win going into the Christmas week of games at 17th place in the league standings. Southampton will prove the biggest challenge for them in their only home match. They’ll be away against QPR and Aston Villa on the 28th and 1st respectively.

Nigel Pearson’s side will have to come out of their slump as Leicester City faces Tottenham on Boxing Day before their contemporaries, Hull on the 28th. A match against Liverpool will wrap things up on the first.

Swansea is the top of their week-long bracket. They’ll take on Aston Villa first on the 26th at home, before facing Liverpool on the 29th, and QPR on the 1st.

Things start out tough for Aston Villa, who will be away against Swansea and then travel home to face Sunderland on the 28th and Crystal Palace on the first. Both of which should offer achievable wins.

Everton has managed to circumvent the top eight in the league, leaving breathing room for Martinez’s squad. Stoke will be the first and only opponent at home following Christmas. Newcastle will follow on the 28th and Hull on the 1st.

Having an abysmal season would be putting it lightly for Hull City, but they’re not without the potential for surprise. Sunderland and Leicester could offer achievable wins for the second-to-last place team in the standings. Everton on the 1st however will be another story entirely.

Liverpool is expected to come out of the festive season with the maximum number of points as they face two of the bottom three teams. Things will start off away for Liverpool against 18th place team Burnley, before coming home to face Swansea and then Leicester.

On paper, Manchester City appear to have the easiest draw over the yule time events. A trip to West Brom will begin things before Manchester City comes back to meet Burnley and Sunderland on the pitch.

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