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Freddy Adu Gets The Boot From Serbian Squad FK Jagodina After 6 Months

Having played 0 games in the last six months for his Serbian team, FK Jagodina, the US’ Freddy Adu has been given the ax. ‘

For having failed to make even a single appearance since his start with the Serbian team in July, Adu now finds himself between a rock and a hard place. Could the super-star at 14 have burned too brightly in his youth to make much of an impact on the game in his mid-20’s? the current trend would suggest just that.

Since leaving the US soccer scene in 2012 following a strong presence in the MLS, Adu has amassed only 59 appearances, all of which have been with the Brazilian club EC Bahia. However, despite recent news, Adu’s attention seems to be focused on the material benefits of a star athlete. If his Instagram account is any indication, he’s too enamoured with blondes and diamond watches to be bothered with the future of his career in the sport.

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