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NBA Championship Odds Spike For Mavericks Following Rondo Trade

Following the announcement of the Dallas Mavericks’ acquiring Rajon Rondo, odds from bookmakers were near-instantly cut. One drastic example came from, who had the Mavs at 16-1 before the trade’s news broke, and 8-1 after.

Western Conference followers will be keen on the update for punting purposes, as the Mavs become a safer bet with a higher likelihood of paying off in the end. Rondo brings solid passing and offensive game to the Dallas side, with a great capability to facilitate the already strong shooting game of his new team.


The Cleveland Cavaliers and Chicago Bulls are topping more lists with odds like 3-1 and 7/4 respectively to take the Eastern Conference, while the  Spurs and Golden State warriors top Western Conference predictions at 2-1 and 4-1 respectively.

So far the Western Conference is dominating the odds with four of the top five squads in the running for championship contention.

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