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Thierry Henry Announces Retirement and Appointment as Sky Sports Analyst

As Arsenal’s top scorer, fans will be sore to learn of Henry’s announcement, but will perhaps find solace in the fact he will not disappear completely from the public eye. After thanking fans and colleagues for the ‘incredible journey’, Henry announced his accepting of a position as a Sky Sports pundit.

The 37-year-old striker is the star of the Arsenal front line and widely regarded as one of the top in the Premier league. In the past he has played with Monaco, Juventus, Barcelona, the Red Bulls, and the French international team, with which he secured a World Cup victory.


Henry’s retirement comes after a 20-year-strong career in the game and when questioned by interviewers he had this to say about a potential comeback to north London, “You kind of never leave Arsenal. How many comebacks do you make? At one point it will turn out to be a bad movie. We all love the first Rocky but I’m not too sure about the last one.”

Henry will leave the Gunners as the current all-time goal scorer with 228 goals in 377 appearances covering two tours with the team. He’s won Premier League championships twice in the 2001-02 and 2003-04 seasons and has been awarded the Golden Boot four times. He left Arsenal briefly to join Juventus in the late 2000’s and secured himself a Champion’s League trophy in the process before returning to the UK.

He’ll begin working with Sky Sports in the beginning of 2015 as a commentator and analyst covering live international, European, and domestic football.

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