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Euro 2016 Qualifiers Recap: Goals and Highlights Sunday, November 16, 2014

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Sundays recap of Euro 2016 qualifiers can be found below. Get all the goals and highlights you are looking for right here.

Khazakhstan 1-3 Turkey at Türk Telekom Arena, Istanbul


Turkey took the lion’s share of possession in yesterday’s play, finishing a trio of goals scored before Kazakhstan would ever see the back of the net. Galatasaray strikerY?lmaz would net two in the middle of the first half for Turkey and push Khazakstan back on their heels. Serdar Aziz you fire in a third seven minutes from full time and put three unanswered goals on the board for Turkey. However, Khazakstan would not be done in without something to show for it, as Smakov pulled things together with a late game penalty to chalk one up for his team.

Turkey – B. Yulmaz 26′, 29′, S. Aziz 83′

Kazakhstan – S. Smakov 87′

Netherlands 6-0 Lativa at Amsterdam Arena, Amsterdam


It’s really not necessary to say Latvia had a difficult time with their match against the Netherlands, as the 6-0 result speaks volumes. Head coach Hiddink went so far to boast he’d quit his job if the orange squad lost on Sunday, lucky for him it was no contest with van Persie taking the team into an early lead. Robben and Huntelaar would go on to net a pair each with Bruma burying one into the net on his own late in the second half.

NetherlandsR. van Persie 6′, A. Robben 35′, 82′,K. Huntelaar 42′, 89′, J. Bruma 78′

Croatia 1-1 Italy at Stadio Giuseppe Meazza, Milano


Flares on the field caused disruption in the late minutes of the match where Croatia met Italy, causing a temporary halt to play. Visiting fans also broke out in scuffles atop the stands. With both teams tied for points going into the match, each side wanted their win badly. However, an early goal from Candreva on a drive would press Croatia to step things up and they did. Perišic would answer back four minutes later after an error on Buffon’s part and neither squad would be able to pull themselves from the inevitable 1-1 draw.

Italy – A. Candreva 11′

Croatia – I. Perišic 15′

Israel 3-0 Bosnia-Herzegovina at Sammy Ofer Stadium, Haifa


Israel reached the top of Group B after defeating a 10-man Bosnian squad at Sammy Ofer Stadium in Haifa, Israel. Point one for the Israeli team came for Gil Vermouths powerful shot from outside the box, resulting in an empowered Damari, who went on to finish just before the half-time whistle. Bosnia-Herzegovina had a terrible time finding the net with 15 shots going wide throughout the course of the game. Israel’s Zahavi would hammer the final nail at 70’ for the 3-0 victory.

Israel – G. Vermouth 36′, O. Damari 45′, E. Zahavi 70′

Czech Republic 2-1 Iceland at Doosan Arena, Plzen


Icelander Ragnar Sigurdsson’s early goal set the tone of the game, putting the Czech team in a hard position until a solid Pavel Kaderabek header would equalize the score. Hallfreðsson would manage to get credit for an Iceland own goal in minute 61. A demoralized Iceland would have an uphill battle from then on with little prospect of recovering from their one goal deficit. The result leaves the Czech Republic at the top of the group as Latvia, Turkey, and Khazakstan will likely be falling out.

Czech RepublicP. Kaderabek 45’+, E. Hallfreðsson 61′ (own goal)

Iceland – R. Sigurdsson 9′

Cyprus 5-0 Andorra at Neo GSP, Nicosía (Levkosía)


Cyprus took Andorra to the cleaners last night in a merciless fashion. Merkis made his first goal on the international stage at 10’ with Efrem doubling up by 31’. Energy really began running through the Cypriot squad as Efrem scored another, and another, completing his hat-trick at 60’. By then Andorra were no doubt feeling dmeoralized and Christofi’s 87’ closer did exactly that to press home the win for Cyprus.

Cyprus – G. Merkis 10′, G. Efrem 31′, 42′, 60′, D. Christofi 87′

Bulgaria 1-1 Malta at Stadion Vasil Levski, Sofia


Bulgaria took the early initiative with a lead at just 6’ following Andrej Galabinov’s tap into the net from within the six. The home team held a dominating position throughout the game but was unable to finish beyond their opening goal. Malta would come back in the second half with a smashing penalty from the spot sent high and passed the Bulgarian keeper by Failla.

Malta – C. Failla 49′

Bulgaria – A. Galabinov 6′

Wales 0-0 Belgium at Stade Roi Baudouin, Bruxelles (Brussel)


It was slim pickings for points in Wales v Belgium with hosts pulling the strings for most of the match. Bale and his mates had many opportunities but fell short of finishing on the opponent’s back end. Belgium kept the pressure on for Wales in an impressive match and, despite their several shots throughout, also fell short of finishing. Wales had held the top spot in their group until Israel finished 3-0 in their match against Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Azerbaijan 0-1 Norway at Bakcell Arena, Baku (Baku)


A game full of fouls and cards, Azerbaijan v Norway was eventful despite a low score. However, when it came to the shooting game, Norway had Azerbaijan beat bya  long shot. Not a single attempt was on frame for the home team, clearly resulting in a challenge to maintain a strong position in the game. Norway would have several attempts on frame with only one sneaking passed the home team’s keeper. The game’s only goal came following a corner which connected with Nordtveit  who artfully redirected with a header to the top right corner.

Norway – H. Nordtveit 25′

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