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El Clásico 261: Real Madrid v Barcelona Result, Goals and Highlights

Saturday, 25 October saw a heated battle at the Bernabeu from two of the most widely publicized clubs in football. Featuring the debut of Luis Suarez, made famous as the World Cup masticator, the match secured a win for Carlo Ancelotti’s squad over Barca for the first time this season.


Let’s break down the games events and highlights.

Initially Barca would start out strong and in a far more favourable position than Real Madrid with Neymar clenching an early goal at 4’ just within the top of the box thanks to an assist delivered by Suarez.  Suarez would take no shots during his near 70 minutes on field, but completed 90% of his passes resulting in three attempts.

Ronaldo would answer back in the late first half from the penalty spot. He had Gerard Pique to thank for that little set up following a low cross that stuck the Barcelona defender’s hand.

Kleper Pepe capitalized on the momentum, delivering a header from Toni Kroo’s corner into the Barca net, leaving the score 2-1 in favour of Madrid just minutes after beginning the second half.

Benzema would go on to widen the gap on a counter-attack firing low across the box to find the far corner of the net.

Barca had trouble regaining their composure and couldn’t bring their team back into the game before the final whistle, leaving Real Madrid with their first Clásico of the season.


Final Score: Real Madrid 3 – 1 Barcelona

Real Madrid: Cristiano Ronaldo 35’ (P), Kleper Pepe 51’, Karim Benzema 61’

Barcelona: Junior Neymar 4’

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