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Euro 2016 Odds and Predictions: Sweden vs Liechtenstein

Euro 2016 Odds and Predictions: Sweden vs Liechtenstein

On Sunday evening Sweden and Liechtenstein will play each other in their next Euro 2016 qualifying match at the Friends Arena in Solna.

The teams have played twice before, once in 2006 and one in 2007. Sweden won both matches, the first 3 – 1 and the second 3 – 0.
In September this year Sweden played Austria and drew 1 – 1. In the same week they also played Estonia and won 2 – 0. However, they lost their preceding three matches: 2 – 0 to Belgium, 1 – 0 to Denmark and 2 -1 to Turkey.

Liechtenstein has lost its last five matches in a row. In September they lost 4 – 0 to Russia and 3 – 0 to Bosnia-Herzegovina. Earlier this year they lost 5 – 1 to Belarus and 2 – 0 to Georgia. Last year they lost 3 – 0 to Estonia.

As a result it is hardly surprising that Sweden is the bookies’ favourite to win with odds of around 1/28. A draw has been set at around 16/1 and a victory for Liechtenstein at 80/1. There are odds of 1/1 available at Sweden will win 1- 0, 2 – 1 and 2 – 0.

Bet Fred Odds: 1/28 Sweden to Win, 16/1 to Draw and 80/1
Liechtenstein to Win

Bet Victor Odds: 1/40 Sweden to Win, 12/1 to Draw and 60/1 Liechtenstein to Win

Bwin Odds: 1/41 Sweden to Win, 13/1 to Draw and 33/1 Liechtenstein to Win

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