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Horseracing’s Fergal Lynch Gets a Second Chance To Compete

Horseracing’s Fergal Lynch Gets a Second Chance To Compete

Fergal Lynch, a name many know for having stopped a horse from winning back in 2004, has finally been granted a license and is set to make his comeback at Ayr on Monday.

Horseracing’s Fergal Lynch Gets a Second Chance To Compete

Is Fergal Lynch a changed man and can he make an honest comeback in Britain?

The 36 year old jockey admitted to the charges of preventing Bond City from winning at Rippon in 2004 and in a guilty plea bargain deal in 2009, he accepted to pay a £50,000 fine and not to seek a British License for at least a year.

Despite never formally being banned in Britain, Lynch pursued his career all over the world including Spain, France, Germany and the UAE.

Adam Brickell, the director of integrity, legal and risk for the British Horseracing Authority (BHA), made a public announcement that 10 years has passed since the offence and that Lynch has paid for his mistakes.

He went on further to comment that Lynch had satisfied all the requirements of his license and had shown reform and should be allowed to race in Britain again.

Lynch seems to have gained support from various other riders but there were mixed opinions from the betting industry, many of whom think it sends the wrong message to both punters and jockeys.

As part of Fergal Lynch’s return, he will work with the BHA to deliver education programs and materials to young jockeys to ensure they do not make the same mistakes as he did.

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