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Last Minute Transfers May Affect Premier League Predictions

Last Minute Transfers May Affect Premier League Predictions

Ahead of the new Premier League season the top teams are busy finalising transfer deals which they believe will help them win the title.

Last Minute Transfers May Affect Premier League Predictions

As teams continue to make transfers, predictions of how the next season will play out may have to be revised.

This year fans can expect a continuation of the rivalry between Manchester City and Liverpool. At present there are far better odds of Manchester City winning the league than Liverpool, but this could change as teams are finalised and the season gets underway.

This weekend it was announced that Frank Lampard will be joining Manchester City until January on loan from New York City FC. The former Chelsea midfielder will be doing his best to make sure that his new team retains their title.

It was also announced that the right back Javier Manquillo has been signed to Liverpool.

The decision to sign new defenders raises doubts about some of the team’s senior defenders, such as Glen Johnson, and there could be a far bigger shakeup in the squad than initially anticipated. Manquillo is likely to prove a valuable addition to the team and could make a genuine difference to the team’s chances this season.

With a couple of weeks to go before the season begins it is likely that there will be a flurry of last minute transfers. This could have a significant impact on predictions for next season which in turn will affect the odds as fans place their pre-season bets.

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