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Van Gaal’s Quest for Balance Likely to Impact Opening Games

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Manchester United boss Louis van Gaal has said that he will not be rushing to make signings despite being forced to use a wing-back system in his opening games in the job.

Van Gaal’s Quest for Balance Likely to Impact Opening Games

Despite being forced to use a less than ideal formation, Louis van Gaal has said he won’t be rushing to make signings to Manchester United.

After using a 3-4-1-2 formation in games against Los Angeles Galaxy and Roma, Van Gaal said, “I have to choose this system” due to the absence of a balanced squad.

Nonetheless he warned, “I don’t buy players for buying players. I buy players to improve my selection.”

One of his biggest challenges will be to get the best out of Wayne Rooney, Juan Mata and Robin van Persie. One advantage to the formation he used is that it employs all three of them.

However, he admits that new additions to the team will likely be necessary in order to bring greater balance to the side, “We have to see if the selection is in balance and how we can improve it. Not only by training but also transfers. I am always looking first to my players because the players are the most important thing in the club.”

With the next football season about to begin, this slight uncertainty surrounding the team and its members is sure to have an impact on the opening games as Van Gaal seeks the balance he desires.

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