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Hamilton’s Hungarian F1 Performance Shakes Up Future Betting

Hamilton’s Hungarian F1 Performance Shakes Up Future Betting

After Lewis Hamilton’s car was destroyed by a fire during qualifying for the Hungarian Grand Prix, he pulled out an exceptional performance to finish in third place having started from the pit lane.

Hamilton’s Hungarian F1 Performance Shakes Up Future Betting

Lewis Hamilton’s decision to ignore orders and not allow Nico Rosberg to overtake him will have serious implications for the rest of the season.

However, his result was not without controversy, about two-thirds of the way through the race Mercedes ordered Hamilton to allow his teammate, Nico Rosberg to overtake him. The two are deep in a battle for the title and had Hamilton followed the order then it is highly likely that Rosberg would have extended his lead in the overall standings.

Hamilton’s decision to ignore the order allowed him a podium finish and reduced his deficit by three points.

There are now just 11 points separating him and Rosberg with 8 races left in the season.

Formula 1 is now heading for a four week break before the next race in Belgium. It will give the Mercedes team time to work out their strategy for the rest of the season and plan how to handle the fierce competition between its two drivers.

The events this weekend made it clear that Hamilton is determined to win the title even if it means sacrificing Mercedes place in the constructor standings. For fans of F1 it guarantees that the rest of the season will be full of drama and thrilling racing.

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