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Rory Mcllroy Puts Masters In His Sights

Rory Mcllroy Puts Masters In His Sights

Perhaps one of the most notorious events in sports, the Masters tournament is one of golf’s highest profile competitions.

25-year-old Rorry Mcllroy has added the Royal Liverpool’s Claret Jug to his trophy case following his 2011 US Open and 2012 PGA Championship wins. Following his most recent double win, the athlete is reportedly confident of completing a Grand Slam at the Masters in April.

Rory Mcllroy Puts Masters In His Sights

Hoping to dominate the sport and recreate the success of Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods, Rory Mcllroy turns attention toward the Masters.

When questioned as to whether Mcllroy thought he had what it took to match 18 Grand Slam winner Nicklaus and 14-timer Woods, he replied “I hope so.” Well, it will take more than hope to make that goal a reality.

The Northern Ireland native is no slouch on the green, that’s to be sure. However, he has a long way to go before he can be likened to the sport’s greatest performers.

His two rounds on Sunday, finishing with 66 and 68, showed promising consistency, despite upsets at previous events where he’d self-proclaimed his performance as “brain dead”

Mcllroy now ranks as the world’s number two, and at 25 he has plenty of time to improve and achieve the goals he’s set for himself. He’ll go into Augusta next year far more confident and begin the first major annual event in golf with an air of determination.

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