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World’s Most Valuable Sports Teams and Franchises Revealed

Out of the 50 named sports teams in a recent Forbes article there are some not so surprising findings and some that may cause you to make a double take.

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Naming 50 of athletics’ most valuable teams, Forbes shows us just who the heaviest hitters are in terms of worth.

Topping the list at $3.44 billion is Real Madrid, a football team that has made it to the Champions League semi-finals four consecutive years.

Barcelona comes in a close second, valued at $3.2 billion. The team is an iconic presence in sports known throughout the world for harbouring some of the best talent in football.

England’s Manchester United makes the third spot its home with $2.81 billion and rightly so, it’s the most popular Premier League team in the UK and much of the football loving world.

Number four breaks the mould with an MLB team gracing the list. The New York Yankees, worth a cool $2.4 billion, are one of the most iconic names in American baseball.

The Dallas Cowboys take position five for themselves with a value of $2.3 billion. The butt of many jokes among American football fans, no one can refute the team’s impact on the sport and their presence in this list only reaffirms their sizable influence.

You’ll need to read Forbes’ full list of the 50 most valuable sports teams and franchises to see just who else made the cut.

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