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Boxers Fury & Chisora Each Wager £100,000 On Rematch Outcome

You heard right. These two UK heavyweights are fighting for British and European titles at the Phones4U Arena in Manchester on 26 July. The wager was placed prior to their meeting in a London press conference earlier this week.

Both Chisora and Fury have promised to put up £100,000 on the outcome of their highly anticipated rematch scheduled for 26 July.

Fury is currently undefeated and beat Chisora in 2011 when the two first met in the ring. Fury had made it clear he wouldn’t be thought the lesser fighter as he constantly taunted Chisora in meetings and press conferences. Chisora remained calm throughout the exchanges eventually announcing his plan to wager £10,000 on a rematch bout between the two. Fury would dismiss the offer, stating the sum too insignificant to entertain.

In response the sum was upped to £100k at a public event on the suggestion from host Jim Rosenthal. The suggestion and following agreement drew gasps from the crowd and the two fighters shook over the bet terms. The two were separated by security shortly after as tensions grew.

Fury is aptly named, with an aggressive style that always has him looking for a knockout punch. On the other hand Chisora was out of shape and thirty pounds heavier when the last two met, while currently the fighter is looking far more on form. The bout promises to be an entertaining one and should go down in boxing history as a memorable meeting between two tremendous fighters.

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