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Brazil Coach Scolari Resigns Following Loss To Germany

The 65 year old Brazilian coach called the defeat the worst day of his life. With five goals scored for Germany in just 29 minutes, Brazil received a thrashing at the hands of the European team like they’d never experienced before.

Luiz Felipe Scolari officially resigned as the head coach for the Brazil Men’s National Team earlier this week.

The World Cup semi-final loss was the worst Brazil had ever suffered and was the team’s first competitive defeat at home in nearly 40 years.

Luiz Felipe Scolari took over as coach in 2001 and drove the team to success in Japan in 2002. There they would beat the German squad 2-0. Later Scolari would go on to coach in Portugal, the UK, Uzbekistan and Brazil before returning to coach the national team in 2012. Scolari’s Brazil enjoyed success in the 2013 Confederations Cup, beating Spain3-0 in the competition’s final match and earning favoured status to take a sixth World Cup trophy.

The team floundered this year, suffering substantial defeats that had fans cheering the opposition’s attacks and booing the home team players. Brazil would go on to lose to the Netherlands 0-3 and take 4th overall in the World Cup.

Germany would go on to face Argentina, Brazil’s longstanding rival, in the World Cup Final and win 1-0 in overtime with a fantastic volley from Mario Götze in the 113th minute.

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