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Anti-Gambling Ad in Singapore Fails Due to Germany Win

Anti-Gambling Ad in Singapore Fails Due to Germany Win

In an attempt to promote their anti-gambling campaign, the Singapore National Council on Problem Gambling (NCPG) released an advert which fell flat thanks to Germany’s win over Brazil in the FIFA World Cup.

The ad shows a group of young boys talking about the World Cup and it ends with one of the boys saying, “I hope German wins. My dad bet all my savings on them.”

As we all know, Germany annihilated Brazil in the semi-final match by seven goals to one, marking the worst defeat in the history of the World Cup.

Thanks to this unexpected result, the ad from the NCPG failed to convey the message of the social fallout of gambling.

After the ad was aired during half-time, it definitely didn’t get the response the Singapore NCPG was hoping for.

In fact, two top government officials went online to ridicule the ad.

Singapore’s Manpower Minister, Tan Chuan-Jin, wrote on his Facebook page, “Bad timing, looks like the boy’s father who bet all his savings on Germany will be laughing all the way to the bank!”

Meanwhile, Teo Ser Luck, the Minister of State for Trade and Industry, also commented saying, “Germany leads 5-0 at half time. At least the boy in the advertisement can get his savings back…”

By the following morning, dozens of memes related to the anti-gambling ad were circulating on social media with one saying, “Always trust your father. #GER 7 : #BRA 1″.

I guess it’s back to the drawing board for the Singapore NCPG.

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