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Odds Fall For Brazil As Neymar Ruled Out Of World Cup

Bookmakers offering odds on Brazil this World Cup have rewritten their offerings as the star striker for Barcelona and the Brazilian National team has been side-lined for the remainder of the world’s most idolized football event.  Following the match with Colombia during the World Cup quarter-finals, Brazil’s odds fell at such notable bookmakers at Bet365, William Hill and Ladbrokes.

Odds Fall For Brazil As Neymar Ruled Out Of World Cup

A recent injury has Brazil and Barcelona’s star striker, Neymar, sidelined for the remainder of the World Cup events.

Neymar suffered a broken vertebra resulting from a knee to the back, delivered by Colombia’s Juan Camilo Zúñiga. Fans were stunned and teammates were left wondering what implications Neymar’s absence will have on their performance in the remainder of the competition. He has played a huge part in this year’s World Cup competition and the Brazilian team are right to be concerned of what comes next.

Referees and the FIFA organization quickly received a new wave of criticism concerning the abundance of fouling unanswered with punishments on the field. FIFA officials responded by defending their referees’ actions, saying it was all in an effort not to detract from the spectacle of the competition. But with big fouls and plenty of grabbing coming from players who take advantage of the organizer’s stance, one might be wary it will get worse before it gets better going into the semi-final and final matches.The tackle in question came late in the game. The act took place in front of the match’s head referee. However, surprisingly, a penalty was never handed down, despite Neymar collapsing and crying out in pain after being struck.

Currently, odds for Brazil this competition are:

William Hill – Outright 5/2, Brazil vs. Germany 7/4

Ladbrokes – Outright 13/5, Brazil vs. Germany 7/4

Bet365 – Outright 11/4, Brazil vs. Germany 9/5

Brazil went on to defeat Colombia 2:1 and will move into the semi-finals against Germany this Tuesday.

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