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NRL Integrity Unit Finds Players Gambling on Games

NRL Integrity Unit Finds Players Gambling on Games

A number of NRL players are facing sanctions after an investigation by the game’s integrity unit found widespread gambling on the outcome of matches. A number of clubs have already been notified of the NRL’s findings and there is speculation that suspensions will follow in the near future.

NRL Integrity Unit Finds Players Gambling on Games

The NRL has uncovered evidence that numerous players are betting on the outcome of games.

Players and officials are strictly forbidden from gambling on matches but the investigation is thought to have uncovered betting by a number of players at many different teams. The NRL’s COO, Jim Doyle, said that in the majority of cases the bets were small, often just $5, and denied suggestions that there is a widespread problem.

Doyle said that there will be no further comment until the integrity unit has completed its investigation. It is thought that the betting was uncovered when the NRL performed a sweeping review of gambling within the code together with its betting partners.

Thanks to integrity agreements, the NRL is able to trace the bets back to their source and find out who has been placing them. It is likely that any player found to have been placing bets, regardless of the size, will be facing tough repercussions. If suspensions are to happen at this stage of the season it could seriously affect clubs as they pursue a place in the finals.

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