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World Cup Betting Fever Reaches China

World Cup Betting Fever Reaches China

Sports betting in China is already a lucrative business with the country’s betting market estimated to be worth over $480 billion.

World Cup Betting Fever Reaches China

Sports betting in China is expected to rise around 120% during this year’s World Cup tournament.

World Cup fever is expected to boost the interest in sports betting even further following the trend set in the 2010 World Cup in South Africa that resulted in sales reaching $10 billion in football prediction lotteries alone.

On the first day of the 2014 World Cup the National Sports Lottery Management Center reported overall sales of more than $24 million.
According to China Sports Lottery founder Su Guojing the World Cup is likely to increase sales by 30% as more gamblers flock to the betting stalls to take advantage of online betting which was introduced to China in 2009.

The Ministry of Public Security is already on high alert, promising to curb illegal sports betting during the World Cup season.

While Western betters are more inclined to try their luck on a wide array of betting options, Chinese players prefer straight forward bets on markets such as the final score in a single game, the total scores in a round of matches and points conceded.

OCA News Editor