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World Cup 2014 Gambling – 5 Betting Tips

World Cup 2014 Gambling – 5 Betting Tips

The FIFA World Cup 2104 has kicked off and for many, it’s a great opportunity to capitalize on one’s football knowledge by placing some wagers on some games. There is an old saying that says: “It’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt” and in this case, betting on the games can be fun until your pocket gets hurt.

Here are some handy tips to avoid your pocket taking a beating while still having a good time.

    Set a Budget

  • 1. Set a Budget
  • You have heard it before, and now you will hear it again. Only gamble what you can afford to lose. It goes without saying that you should set yourself a limit and stick to it, which means chasing your losses, is just a bad idea. Take a look at the game roster, select which games you going to bet on and allocate a budget for each. Avoid falling into the trap of taking winnings and increasing your budget. Rather put these winnings aside as this can soften the blow on matches where you have lost your wager.

    2.	Gamble with Your Head, not with Your Heart

  • 2. Gamble with Your Head, not with Your Heart
  • Yes, yes, it’s the old cliché, but it holds true. For many fans of football and other sports that people have a passion for as well as a sense of personal attachment to the game or a specific team, this often means that logic and reason take a back seat to emotion. Placing bets based on emotion is just bad gambling especially when it comes to sports. The reality is there is a certain amount of science involved in sports, not to say extraordinary events don’t happen, but you need to be realistic and think with your head.

    Keep a Level Head

  • 3. Keep a Level Head
  • A football game can be super exciting or just down right boring, but whichever way it’s going, keep your head together and stick to the plan. If the game is turning into a real nail biter, don’t suddenly start placing in-game side bets because you want to double your wins or commit the cardinal mistake of trying to minimize your losses. On the flip side, if a game is so boring and you can barely stay awake, placing more bets during the game to make it more exciting is also not a plan. You have a budget, stick to it.

    Do Your Homework

  • 4. Do Your Homework
  • All your mates and everyone else you speak to think they know all there is to know about the teams, the players, the statistics and everyone will have their golden winning tips. Do your own research before placing a bet. Not to say some people are not highly knowledgeable but verify the facts before trusting everything you hear. The reality is if you lose the bet, the person who gave you the tip is not going to cover your loss.

    Have Fun

  • 5. Have Fun
  • Gambling can be fun and add excitement to a game, but don’t let your gambling ruin what should be a great sporting event that should be shared with friends and family. Enjoy the games, drink a beer and maybe winning some cash could add just a little more joy to the action.

OCA News Editor