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Graffiti Paints A Grim Picture In Brazil Amid World Cup

Graffiti Paints A Grim Picture In Brazil Amid World Cup

Brazil Sums Up Sentiments Toward FIFA In Two Words

AntiFifa1It’s no secret Brazil has its fair share of problems with rampant corruption, crippling poverty and an approach to ecological policy that appears to be bent on “slash and burn”.

Bottom line, Brazilians are angry with the state of their homeland.

Despite the uproar, the country’s government has insisted on investing millions of dollars into an eight-week sporting event, while citizens have plead for the money to be spent on infrastructure, education, health and sanitation.

AntiFifa2Violence, drugs and weapons are rampant in the streets of Brazil as well.

Citizens don’t feel safe and are crying out for a change.

The writing is on the wall, literally.

Touring the country it is plain to see that everyday Brazilians are fed up with being placed last on the government’s agenda.



“F*** FIFA” seems to sum up the sentiment best as citizens turn to graffiti as a way to shed light on the situation in Brazil.

Emaciated children crying over empty plates, footballers in opulent crowns carrying bank sacks full of money and more are painted on the walls of residential areas across the country.

The people roundly agree that while their country has perhaps one of the richest sporting traditions in the world, the last thing they need right now is more football.









Pictures courtesy of Huffington Post

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