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Regulated Online Gambling Operators in Favor of ESSA

Regulated Online Gambling Operators in Favor of ESSA

Online gamblers expect that the sites they gamble on are honest and fair but this isn’t always the case. This was one of the driving forces behind developing regulation and ensuring sites became regulated. The fact is in the competitive space like online gambling, there are fraudsters.

Regulated Online Gambling Operators in Favor of ESSA

The European Sports Security Association (ESSA) reported more than 148 unusual gambling patterns in 2013.

Most reputable operators have proven that they stand behind their product and most importantly, they pay out on time. The European Sports Security Association (ESSA) is committed to this fairness and to honest gambling.

They recently announced that they intend to focus and investigate tennis and football more than any other sports as these generated the majority of unusual betting patterns in 2013. According to a 2014 report released by ESSA, they recorded 148 unusual betting patters in 2013 with another 30 alerts generated that appeared suspicious.

The information of these events was then referred to the relevant regulatory and sporting bodies. Almost half of the alerts registered in 2013, related to tennis and around 38%, to football. Snooker was another sport that was responsible for 3.5% of alerts.

A betting pattern is only confirmed to be suspicious after ESSA has performed a detailed inquiry and investigation with its members. There are some cases where suspicious patterns are not necessarily corruption but do require further investigation by the sports body or regulator.

OCA News Editor