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Unknown Agency Claims Widespread European Match-Fixing

Unkown Agency Claims Widespread European Match-Fixing

Earlier this week the Belgian sports integrity firm Federbet made a presentation to the European Parliament in which it claimed there is widespread match-fixing across a number of European leagues.

The allegations have been denied by sporting bodies as well as the French and Italian gambling regulators. It has been claimed that the allegations are completely unfounded and that there is no evidence to support them.

European leagues make use of sophisticated technology to monitor global betting markets and uncover suspicious activity. Furthermore, while Federbet claims it represents 400 partners from the gaming industry, there are no names mentioned on the website and the company is almost completely unheard of.

England’s Football Conference quickly issued a statement which said, “At this time there is no evidence that any of the fixtures specifically listed by Federbet, relating to our competition, have been the subject of report or investigation. Therefore we are at a loss to understand what evidence may exist for Federbet to make such claims.”

Furthermore, the secretary general of the European Sports Security Association, Khalid Ali, said, “No one within the European regulated betting industry is aware of who Federbet are or what they represent… They appear to be an organization steeped in secrecy”.

Federbet responded with a statement saying that its “objective is, and must remain, the fight against fraud and corruption. This fight cannot be completed without all of us moving in the same direction.”

OCA News Editor