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Unibet Predicts Gambling Craze Around the World Cup

Unibet Predicts Gambling Craze Around the World Cup

The World Cup kicks off on the 12th of June in Brazil and Unibet predicts that their websites will see record numbers.

Unibet Group Plc is a Swedish-listed, Malta-based online betting company.

Unibet Predicts Gambling Craze Around the World Cup

Unibet is expecting record levels of betting on its sites over the World Cup period.

According to Unibet’s chief executive officer Henrik Tjaernstroem, they are expecting to see a vast increase in the number of new clients as well as returning clients over the tournament.

In the first quarter of 2014, Unibet has had over 552,338 active customers. This refers to customers who have placed a bet within the last 3 months.

These large volumes were boosted by the UEFA soccer Champions League as well as the European ice-hockey playoffs.

The last World Cup in 2010, which took place in South Africa, saw 3.2 billion viewers worldwide.

Despite this, Unibet is a little worried that with the new regulations in the gaming industry, this might impact the betting numbers in European countries.

Unibet is currently present in over 100 markets and countries such as Belgium and Denmark have imposed higher betting duties up to 47%.

Despite this, Unibet saw their net income increase by 44% in the first quarter which they claim was as a result of increased efficiency as well as strong organic growth.

Unibet also offers online poker and casino games and Tjaernstroem also stated that they would consider acquisitions if there was a good opportunity for the company.

So the big question is ‘who will win the World Cup this year?’ Unibet is offering 4 to 1 on favorites Brazil and 5 ½ to 1 for an Argentina win.

OCA News Editor