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Real Madrid vs Basket Zaragoza

Real Madrid vs Basket Zaragoza

Real Madrid ended the regular league with its 32nd victory which is recorded as one of the best in history for the team clearly indicating they are smoking hot at the moment.

Real Madrid vs Basket Zaragoza

Real Madrid, off their sterling wins, faces recently beaten Basket Zaragoza in the play-offs.

This Friday, Zaragoza will face up against Real Madrid in the playoffs and off the back of their last defeat 90-82 to Murcia, so things are not looking optimistic for them.

Zaragoza, currently placed eighth, had a place in the playoffs but knew that Cajasol – tied with Zaragoza on 18 wins – that the odds are slim that they could pick up a win at Barcelona.

Barca took a convincing win of 88-70 from that meet, which means that had Zaragoza triumphed over Murcia, who did not have much to play for, they would have been in line to play Valencia, a far better matched opponent.

Unfortunately things didn’t work out as planned and Murcia took the win.

Real Madrid has only lost 2 games this season and are ready to take on Zaragoza in the quarters.

The odds for this match say it all with bookies offering Real Madrid 1/33 and Basket Zaragoza 9/1.

OCA News Editor