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World Cup Security Concerns Following Brazilian Strikes

World Cup Security Concerns Following Brazilian Strikes

With the World Cup due to start in just a few weeks strikes and protests in Brazil have caused concern over the security of the tournament. Last week civil police forces stopped working in order to protests for better salaries and stricter laws.

World Cup Security Concerns Following Brazilian Strikes

A series of strikes in Brazil last week raised concerns about security during the World Cup and possible disruption of the tournament.

The lack of a police force led to looting which was only stopped by the National Guard and army troops.

There were also strikes from bus companies which resulted in chaos on public transport and affected 300,000 commuters.

Brazilians are objecting to the government’s spending on the tournament as well as concerns about corruption and inflation.

Last year saw over 1 million people protesting, the largest protests in the country for decades.

The Brazilian Minister of Sports, Aldo Rebelo, has dismissed concerns that protests could affect the security of the tournament. He said that he expects the games to take place “in a party-like atmosphere and not in the middle of demonstrations and protests.”

Former football stars such as Zico and Pele have expressed sympathy with the protests and said that the spending on stadiums would have been better placed in schools and hospitals. However, Pele criticized “what protesters are doing, which is breaking and burning everything. It’s money that we will have to spend again.”

OCA News Editor