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The Battle Of Juan Manuel Marquez Vs Mike Alvarado

The Battle of Juan Manuel Marquez Vs Mike Alvarado

This Saturday, the Forum in Inglewood California will come alive when Mike Alvarado will battle with Juan Manuel Marquez in the ring.

Marquez, who is 40 years old and still deadly, is a four-division title winner who is hoping to take his fifth against his younger opponent of 33, Alvarado.

Mike Alvarado is returning to action after taking a pounding loss from Ruslan Provodnikov in October last year.

Alvarado commented that his loss brought back his humbleness and he is now far more focused and went on to say he is blessed to get another huge opportunity to fight Marquez.

In the opposite corner, Marquez has way more experience than Alvarado with almost 500 professional rounds in his resume and he has been fighting since the 90’s. Marquez is also considered one of the greatest Mexican fighters of all time.

Marquez earned his points as being Manny Pacquiao’s toughest opponent. The two have squared up four times over the last 10 years with Marquez just squeezing a draw in 2003. In 2008 and 2011, he then lost to the Filipino but finally got his vengeance in 2012 when he knocked him out in the 6th round.

If Marquez can take the win against Alvarado, it could re-ignite his career but on the flip side, if Alvarado takes the win, it could earn him huge respect and set his place in the history books.

According to the bookmakers, the odds stand at Marquez 2/5 and Alvarado 15/8 with a draw paying 25/1.

OCA News Editor