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Bermane Stiverne Vs Chris Arreola, Arreola Confident For A Win

Bermane Stiverne Vs Chris Arreola, Arreola Confident For A Win

Bermane Stiverne is ready for the rematch against Chris Arreola on May 10th.

After a his open workout at the University of Southern California before his opponent arrived for his session, Arreola spoke to the media with confidence that he is now in much better shape than the first time around.

Stiverne, a Hatian born heavyweight, now based out of Las Vegas, also showed his goods to the media with his trainer Don House. In his comments to the media, he made it clear that this time he is going for the knock-out.

The title, which is currently vacant due to Vitali Klitschko retiring to pursue politics, is now up for grabs. In the previous match against Stiverne, Arreola took a beating with a broken nose and a third round knockdown but he ultimately lost in a unanimous decision.

If Stiverne takes the win, he will be the first Haiti born heavyweight to claim the title. In the opposite corner, if Arreola wins he will be the first Mexican fighter to lift the heavyweight belt.

In another interview Arreola said, “I don’t need the fact that I went 12 rounds (in the first fight) with a broken nose to inspire me to go and train even harder. The belt alone should be inspiration enough. The fact that I get my rematch, my revenge is inspiration. The fact that I don’t want my daughter to see me getting beat up again is inspiration enough for me.”

What do the bookmakers say? Well currently Stiverne is standing at 8/11 for a win and Arreola at 11/10, while a draw pays 30/1.

OCA News Editor