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Horse Racing Industry Gathers for Asian Racing Conference

Horse Racing Industry Gathers for Asian Racing Conference

Hong Kong is quickly becoming the world center of horse racing, a fact cemented by the importance of the Asian Racing Conference being held there. Over the last few years the conference has become one of the most important meetings of its kind.

Horse Racing Industry Gathers for Asian Racing Conference

Insiders from the horse racing industry will gather in Hong Kong this week for the Asian Racing Conference.

Hong Kong’s Jockey Club poses the only license in the city for race betting.

This has allowed it to grow and become a world leader in many areas.

Over 700 people are expected to attend the conference this year where a broad range of issues will be discussed.

These issues are not restricted to Asian racing and over 100 officials from Europe and 35 from the United States are due to attend.

The chief executive of the Jockey Club, Winfried Engelbrecht-Bresges, said that the conference is “a chance to pool our knowledge to help everyone. My view is that we are not in competition in this – even if things in Hong Kong are wonderful, if the industry worldwide is not in good shape that limits us as well.”

High on the conference’s agenda is a discussion on ways to attract a new, younger audience to horse racing. There will also be discussions on racing in mainland China as well as more mundane aspects of the industry such as veterinary care.

OCA News Editor