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Can Liverpool Pull a Much Needed Win Against Crystal Palace?

Can Liverpool Pull a Much Needed Win Against Crystal Palace?

With the final games of the Premier League coming up, Liverpool are still in the lead but only just.

They are currently a mere 2 points ahead of Chelsea, and Manchester City trailing just 3 points behind as well.

Manchester City still has a game in hand and if they can pull a hat trick of wins for their three final games, they could steal the title from the Reds.

Monday night however could be the deal breaker when Liverpool faces off against Crystal Palace. Tony Pulis is committing his strongest side to make sure that Crystal Palace stops the Reds in their tracks.

Mile Jedniak of Crystal Palace made more tackles and interceptions than any other Premier League player this season.

On the opposite side of the pitch, Liverpool conceded more goals than Crystal Palace and Hull this season. Luis Suarez has also not scored in six games.

The bookies seem to still be favoring Liverpool with a 2/5 for a win versus a 15/2 for Crystal Palace taking the win.

The question now on everyone’s mind is can Liverpool pick themselves up from their latest loss after a spectacular eleven game winning streak and make it count against Palace this coming week?

OCA News Editor