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Montreal Canadiens vs Boston Bruins, Rivalry Epitomized

Montreal Canadiens vs Boston Bruins, Rivalry Epitomized

The Canadiens will play the Bruins for a record 34th time in the post-season.

The Canadiens have won 24 series, but the Boston Bruins have won seven of their last 11 games including the last two.

The Canadiens are working on the power play and will continue to do so this week in order to create momentum, according to Coach Michel Therrien. The Canadiens were scoring regularly earlier in the season but seem to have lost their edge.

Rivalry is not just confined to the players on the ice, but to the stands as well where the tension between Canadiens and Bruins fans is a given.

The Canadiens are considered the royalty of the NHL with more Stanley Cup wins than any other team but they have not hoisted the Cup since ’93 whereas the Bruins did so in 2011.

The Canadiens were fourth best in the NHL this season with a 85.1% kill rate and the Boston Bruins killed 90% of Detroit’s advantage.

With the return of Travis Moen, penalty killing should be bolstered even though he has missed the last nine games and his position was filled by Michael Bournival.

Coach Therrien commented that he has not decided the lineup yet but is preparing Moen by having him practice with other players who also might have a chance of playing.

Bookies are offering 31/20 for Montreal Canadiens and 20/37 Boston Bruins with a draw bringing 59/20. Whichever way you choose, things are sure to get messy both on the ice and in the stands.

OCA News Editor