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Beibut Shumenov vs Bernard Hopkins – Match Preview

Beibut Shumenov vs Bernard Hopkins - Match Preview

In a hotly anticipated fight the relative newcomer Beibut Shumenov will face 48 year old boxing veteran Bernard Hopkins on Sunday, 20 April. The odds are in Hopkins favor, Paddy Power has placed him at 1/2 favorite while Shumenov trails at 13/8. While the Kazakh Beibut Shumenov is by no means a novice athlete; all eyes are on Bernard Hopkins who continues on in his athletic career despite his advanced age.

Throughout his time in the ring Hopkins has been known by many names, most recently he’s been termed “the Alien” as he described himself as an “alien who lives forever”. His most successful wins so far tie him firmly to the middle weight category as between 1994 and 2005 he held at least one championship in that class. As a result, he was named number one by “The Ring” in their list of the 10 best middleweight title holders of the last fifty years.

Though Shumenov can certainly benefit from his younger age and agility, Hopkins is set to give it his best. He said “I’m ready man, I want his belt. That’s the biggest motivation. I want to be the first fighter to be an undisputed champion in two divisions.”

OCA News Editor