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Seven Footballers Released on Bail after Match-Fixing Allegations

Seven Footballers Released on Bail after Match-Fixing Allegations

The National Crime Agency has reported that 7 footballers who were arrested for match-fixing in the UK have been released on bail. The footballers all play for Football League clubs in the North-West of England and are aged 18 – 30.

The players are accused of deliberately affecting matches in order to win bets placed by spot-fixing. Spot-fixing is when a player influences a specific element of a match, for example deliberately getting a yellow card or conceding a corner. This allows them to win bets placed by accomplices.

However, all seven players have claimed innocence. The players are: John Welsh, Keith Keane, Bailey Wright, David Buchanan, Ben Davis, Graham Cummins and Stephen Dawson.

A spokesperson from the team Preston North End said, “We are disappointed that individual player names are in the public domain given that none of these individuals have been charged with any offense.”

The spokesperson went on to say that all the players are being allowed to continue playing, “we reiterate our position that all players will remain available for selection by the manager and that until or unless the current situation changes it will be business as usual.”

OCA News Editor