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Match Fixing Suspected in Lebanon

Match Fixing Suspected in Lebanon

The last year has seen the world of football plagued by allegations of match fixing. Now it seems that Lebanon’s sports leagues are the latest to suffer.

According to the lawyer Imad Nahas there are some strong indications of match-fixing in the results of several low-tier leagues in a number of sports. Nahas, who is also the secretary-general of the Lebanese Fencing Federation, said, “Several recent results in low-tier leagues including basketball and volleyball among other sports have made no sense to club owners and officials, who are inclined to believe that some players are manipulating the outcome of games.”

In February last year an investigation commissioned by the Lebanese Football Federation implicated 24 players and 2 club officials in a number of match fixing scenarios. Nahas believes that sports betting is somewhat to blame, “Today, players can task someone who is watching the game in the stadium or sitting in front of a TV at home to make online bets on their behalf while they play a role to ensure that the outcome of the bet goes in their favor.”

Nahas doesn’t believe that sports betting should be banned in Lebanon; however, he does think that much closer government regulation could help to prevent future incidents of match-fixing.

OCA News Editor