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Anthony Mundine vs Joshua Clottey Betting Preview

Anthony Mundine vs Joshua Clottey Betting Preview

On April 9th Anthony Mundine will face Joshua Clottey at the Entertainment Centre in New South Wales Australia. With the match less than a week away the two fighters are busy goading each other and boasting about their own prowess.

Clottey, who has had just two fights since losing to Manny Pacquiao in March 2010, has said, “He has no idea who he’s fighting. Mundine is in for a rude shock when I retire him April 9 in Australia.”

However, despite Clottey’s tough talk, Mundine is the clear favorite to win. Paddy Power has given him odds of 2/5 while Clottey is far behind with odds of 15/8.

Despite coming off two victories in recent months Mundine isn’t taking anything for granted. In a recent interview he said, “This guy is a beast, I want to tame the beast and be my own beast in order to get the victory. It’s probably one of the toughest fights of my career. I want to be strong, I have to be strong because this guy is a bull and I want to be the matador. This guy is deceptively quick; he’s got all the tools. He’s a counterboxer, he can walk forward, he can punch. I’ll have my hands full.”

OCA News Editor