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Valley Forge Casino Draws in Crowds with Combat Sporting Events

Valley Forge Casino Draws in Crowds with Combat Sporting Events

Valley Forge Casino resort in Pennsylvania was doing well after eight months of operation. The games were bringing in lots of cash and the place was full of gambling. However, for the casino to be rated alongside its competition in New Jersey and Delaware it needed something more.

The man in-charge of casino entertainment in August 2012, Jake Wagner, decided to host a combat sports event on Nov. 30 2012. Wagner said, “It sold out. That opened the door for us to put on promotions like we do today with boxing and mixed martial arts shows. It showed us the value of them. It’s been very successful.”

Since then the casino has gone on to host four boxing cards, all of which have been televised, as well as six MMA cards which were also televised.

Wagner explained that the mix of boxing and MMA is great for the casino, “Boxing draws a more classic, older crowd. The MMA crowd is younger and more social media driven. It appeals to a younger audience, and allows us to show that audience what we have to offer.”

Wagner is now planning to build on the success of the combat sports events to keep drawing in the crowds.

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