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March Madness Sees Betting Fans Flock to Las Vegas

March Madness Sees Betting Fans Flock to Las Vegas

While the month of March may be over, March Madness in Las Vegas certainly isn’t. There is another week until the end of the NCAA men’s basketball tournament and the betting action is in full swing.

The final four are due to take place on April 5th and in the meantime the casinos and sports books are absolutely packed. Nearly every resort on the Las Vegas strip has some kind of March Madness party and the additional fans have resulted in up to five times the normal level of play on some casino gaming floors.

This weekend will see Florida, UConn, Wisconsin and Kentucky battle it out for the national championship. The Florida Gators had the easiest road to the final four, winning all of their games by double-digits. At present the team is favorite to win the title with odds of 13/10.

First Florida must defeat Connecticut who are looking for their second title in four seasons. However, Connecticut has odds of 5/2 against Florida’s 4/11 so things are definitely looking good for the Gators. Meanwhile the Wisconsin Badgers are preparing to take on the Kentucky Wild Cats. Here the Wildcats are favorite to win with odds of 5/6 against the Badgers 15/13.

OCA News Editor