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UFC Fight Night 37, Gustafsson vs Manuwa. Don’t Miss This One!

UFC Fight Night 37, Gustafsson vs Manuwa. Don’t Miss This One!

The O2 Arena is set to come alive this Saturday when two of the most exciting light heavyweight fighters in the UFC go toe-to-toe in what is expected to be a classic showdown between Alexander Gustafsson (15-2) and Jimi Manuwa (14-0)

In September, Gustafsson catapulted his career when he gave the champion Jon Jones a run for his money resulting in a close split decision loss at UFC 165. Considered at the time the underdog, he surprised everyone by almost dethroning the #1. On the receiving end of the arena will be his opponent, Jimi Manuwa who remains undefeated and who has obliterated all his competitors in the past.

Both fighters are mainly striking based but with different styles. Manuwa is renowned for his knockout ability proven by his 13 KO’s and TKO’s in his 14 career wins of which most took place in the first round. On the flip side, Gustafsson has his strong wrestling skills in his arsenal to watch out for which could swing the fight in the Swede’s favor if he can get the takedown.

Dana White, UFC President noted that if Gustafsson defeats Manuwa it will open up the opportunity for him to earn a shot at the light heavyweight title. The bookies don’t think it is going to happen as they favor Manuwa to win with odds on him being 3/1, compared to the 1/4 odds for Gustafsson.

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