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Manchester United vs Olympiakos Second Leg Betting Preview

Manchester United vs Olympiakos Second Leg Betting Preview

In the first leg of their Champions League last-16 match, Manchester United were beaten 2-0 by Olympiakos. Following the match the team manager, David Moyes, said that his team deserved nothing from the game.

However, the team has a chance to redeem itself in the second leg of the match on March 19th at Old Trafford. The team will be desperate for a win as currently they are placed sixth in the Premier League and it could be their last appearance in the Champions League for a while.

Despite their terrible form United are still favorite to win the next clash, with odds of 8/15 against Olympiakos’ 5/1. However, Olympiakos is favorite to qualify for the next round with odds of 2/5 while United are on 7/4.

After the game this week former United captain Roy Keane praised Olmpiakos and was highly critical of United saying “There is a lack of confidence and there are some players who just don’t have the quality … [the Premier League is] the best brand in the world but teams have fallen behind the best in Europe, United more than most. They need six or seven players to rebuild the club. Privately David Moyes will be shocked at the quality he is working with.”

OCA News Editor