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Rousey vs McMann UFC170 Betting Preview

Rousey vs McMann UFC170 Betting Preview

Ronda Rousey is one of the most impressive fighters to ever take part in women’s UFC. In eight fights she has never lost a round, furthermore, she has tapped out seven of her eight opponents before the round was over.

Later this month she will take on one of her toughest opponents yet. She will be facing Olympic silver medalist in wrestling Sara McMann on February 22nd. However, despite McMann’s impressive credentials, the bookies don’t think she has a chance. Rousey is favorite to win at 2/9 while McMann is miles behind at 3/1.

Rousey’s coach agrees with the bookies, he recently said that McMann isn’t “ready for a fight like Ronda. I think Ronda beats her everywhere. We’re ready to do that, we’re ready to show that.”

Thanks to her rushed style, balance and strength, Rousey has managed to dominate all of her previous opponents. Nonetheless, McMann is the best wrestler that Rousey has faced and could make Rousey work harder than she’s used to.

In a recent interview McMann said that she will be going into the fight having mentally prepared for a much tougher opponent. That way if Rousey gets anywhere she “can shut it down very early” and her responses will be “much stronger.”

OCA News Editor