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Fantasy Sports Enjoys Rising Popularity

Fantasy Sports Enjoy Rising Popularity

As mobile casino and social gambling grow in popularity, mobile fantasy sports is also experiencing a gain in momentum. A number of gambling operators are forming partnerships which allow their clients to take part in fantasy sports as well as social gambling activities.

Fantasy Sports Enjoy Rising Popularity

As mobile and social gambling grow in popularity so are fantasy sports which has resulted in more sports data companies and a high value industry.

Now the Telegraph Media Group has formed a deal with Picklive Limited, the producers of social gaming and fantasy sports facilities. The deal will provide clients of the Telegraph Media Group with access to Picklive’s range of short-term fantasy sports, mobile sports betting and social gaming products.

The Telegraph Media Group interactive sports manager, Steve Stiles, said, “Picklive’s daily live games will offer 200,000 Telegraph Fantasy Football would-be managers a fresh and exciting way to test their selection skills in an innovative social environment.”

Sports data and the fantasy sports market is worth about $100 million a year. Until recently the market was a virtual monopoly which just one or two companies. However, there are now a number of companies which continuously feed data to fantasy leagues, social networks and online media companies.

If the current trends continue then not only will more sports data companies appear, but they can expect to see their services become ever more valuable as the demand for speedy and pertinent information increases.

OCA News Editor